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In Ukeukes you can find everything related to ukulele's world: bags, chords, tuners, books and, of course, ukuleles!

You'll find all sizes (soprano, concert, tenor and baritone) and every range of price.

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UKEUKES is your new online ukulele shop. We're settled in Valencia, Spain and we deliver our products through Seur and Correos all over Spain (including Ceuta, Melilla, Balearic and Canary Islands) as well as all over Europe (Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, etc...). If you live in Valencia or you're just passing through and you want to save the p&p you can arrange an appointment with us by means of the telephone number and/or the mail address displayed at the right of this lines.

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(0034) 654292415 (Vicent)